This year I welcomed visitors to our home after being a guest artist at Heather Inwood Montrose’s studio last year. It was a great success as many people made their way to Hybla to  view my work and experience the beautiful fall colours on our back roads. Tour goers seem to appreciate the instructions that we provided to aid them in navigating the twists and turns of the Monteagle Valley roads between Ketha, Amy and myself. Their talent and  the views at both of their gorgeous homesteads were commented on by many!

I enjoyed some interesting conversation with wonderful guests and several of those “sixth degrees of separation” moments  where we had friends in common or lived  in the same neighbourhood in Toronto. The best was meeting a woman who spent several years of her childhood living in our house. It was lovely touring through the house showing her the changes and she telling me about her remembrances. You are always welcome Catherine!

It was also nice to see many of our friends and to meet some new neighbours as well. A special treat was a visit from two of our old high school friends, Trudy and Roz. We managed to do some catching up amid the hectic moments.

My thanks as always to Howard Baer who designed my website and keeps it up to date for me. Also to Christa at the Bancroft Times for working with me and producing my greeting cards in time for the Tour. And last but not least, my husband Ron who helped with so many of the tasks involved to make it a successful tour.

Thank you to everyone who came by. Your support is what keeps me working at my easel!

And now, back to the studio as I have a lot of empty wall space to fill up!

Cheers, Patsy




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